Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security

Does the pricing meet competitive solicitation requirements? 

Through cooperative purchasing laws, the City of Kansas, MO contract, available through OMNIA Partners, by virtue of its public solicitation language, generally meets the requirements for solicitation in the entire United States. This allows agencies to use the pricing without taking the time to create solicitation documents, entertain multiple vendor inquiries and document the solicitations. Placing the order through Graybar allows them to utilize a quality vendor repetitively without the cost of using unknown or less reliable vendors. View State Statutes for more details.

Does the competitive pricing apply, regardless of quantity? 

There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits.

Is the pricing from a local government competitively solicited agreement? 

The OMNIA Partners pricing is the same pricing used to win the City of Kansas City, MO, EV2370 contract for Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security Products and Related Products, Services and Solutions. 

How does it save time and money? 

The key value for the agency is resource savings. Most agencies today are spread thinner than ever. Agencies are downsizing administrative departments and retiring or departing purchasing and maintenance positions are left unfilled. The contract available through OMNIA Partners provides a mechanism to save the time and costs associated with obtaining quotes or preparing solicitations. 

How can my agency become an OMNIA  Partners participant?

Visit and complete the quick and easy registration process.

Graybar Contacts, available through OMNIA Partners:

Rob Rhoads | Strategic Contract Manager
Graybar East Districts 
Mobile (202) 445-8992 

Jeff Peskuski | Strategic Contract Manager 
Graybar Central Districts 
Mobile (630) 640-4905 

Adam Sass | Strategic Contract Manager 
Graybar West Districts 
Mobile (925) 216-2858 

Graybar UVC Disinfecting Technology
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Contact Information

Phone: 877-765-8326
Fax: 314-573-0704


City of Kansas City Contact: 
Keely Golden, CPPB
Procurement Manager
Phone: 816-513-0812