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    Homeland Security, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    Mallory Safety has been serving the needs of fire departments for decades with a wide range of PPE, Apparatus, Hose, Tools, Fittings, First Aid, and Instrumentation.  Purchasing through the OMNIA contract can be the “easy button” for your procurement needs in times of emergency, looming grant deadlines or when addressing sole sourcing.

    Apparatus Equipment

    • Clamps, Brackets, Mounts
    • Electric, Cords, Flashlights, Generators, Lighting, Reels
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Hose, Ladders, Nozzles
    • Hydrant Tools, Accessories
    • PPV, Electric, Gas
    • Rehab, Cooling, Hydration, Misting
    • Saws, Chains, Cut Off
    • Salvage Covers
    • Signals, Cones, Flares, Lighting, Sirens
    • Stabilizing, Cribbing, Chocks, Decking, Matting
    • Thermal Imaging Cameras
    • Tools, Air, Cordless, Entry, Hand, Power
    • Valves, Fittings, Plugs, Caps

    Confined Space, Rope Rescue & USAR

    • Tools, Air, Cordless, Hand, Power
    • Cutting, Blades, Chain, Wheels
    • Electric, Cords, Flashlights, Generators, Scene Lighting
    • Fall Protection, Belts, Carabiners, Hardware, Harnesses, Rope
    • Communications Kits, Cameras, Sound
    • PPE, Clothing, Eye, Gloves, Hearing, Helmets
    • Litters and Litter Systems
    • Marking Products & Paint
    • Cameras, Aerial Drones

    First Aid & Rehab Products

    • AEDS, CPR Face Shields
    • Back Boards, Collars, Litters
    • Bee & Wasp Repellants
    • Bodily Fluid Clean Up Kits
    • Burn Care Kits, Compresses, Hot & Cold
    • Cleaners, Face Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers
    • Drench Hose and Faucets
    • Emergency Blankets
    • Eye Wash Stations
    • First Aid Kits & Stations
    • Hydration & Cooling

    Wildland Firefighting Equipment

    • Burn Over Curtains
    • Band-It Tools, Hose, Nozzles, Reels, Strainers, Tees, Valves
    • Chain Saws, Chaps, Wire Screen Goggles
    • Clamps, Fill Meters, Portable Pumps, Tanks, Wrenches
    • Drip Torches, Gas Containers
    • Fire Shelters, Practice Shelters
    • Flagging Tapes & Barricade
    • Gel, Foam Equipment
    • Headlamps & Flashlights
    • Portable Pumps, Fill Meters, Tanks
    • PPE, Boots, Clothing, Helmets & Shrouds, Gloves, Eye & Ear Protection, Radio Harnesses
    • Tools, Brackets, Covers, Hand, Files, Pulaski, Shovels
    • Weather & Wind Meters, Web Gear & Day Packs
    • Mallory poly water tanks
    • Foam cells
    • Poly fabrication
    • Wildland apparatus - Type 4, Type 5, Type 6
    • ATV and UTV skids
    • Skid Units
    • Wildland pump repair
    • Pumps
    • Engines
    • Protech flat beds and compartments

    Hazmat & Monitoring

    • Berms, Tanks, Pallets
    • Breathing Apparatus SCBA, Gas Detection
    • Boots, Coveralls, Suits, Levels A, B, C and D
      PPE Decontamination
    • Sorbents, Wipes, Spill Kits
    • Storage, Lockers, Cabinets

    Respiratory & Air Products

    • Air Compressors
    • Air Testing Equipment
    • APRs, Filters, Masks
    • Fit Testing
    • SCBAs

    Skid Units & Tanks

    • Foam Units
    • Gas Engines & Pumps
    • CAFS Systems
    • Gel Units
    • Hose Reels
    • Light Vehicle & ATV Style Units
    • Poly & Alum Tanks
    • Slip-On Units

    Station Equipment

    • Batteries
    • Boot Dryers
    • Chemicals & Adhesives & Lubricants
    • Cleaning Solutions
    • Janitorial Supplies
    • Compressors & Generators
    • Hose Tester, Tools
    • Lockers, Racks, Tool Boxes
    • PPE Extractors, Driers
    • Smoke Generators, Bottle Smoke

    Water Flow Products

    • Adapters, Couplings, Gaskets
    • Brackets, Mounts
    • Eductors, Strainers, Valves, Wyes, Shutoffs
    • Fire Hose, Booster, Discharge
    • Hose, Rollers, Testing, Washers
    • Foam, Gel
    • Monitors, Nozzles
    • Portable Tanks
    • Pumps, Slide In Units
    • Spanners, Wrenches

    Available Services

    • Adapters, Couplings, Gaskets
    • Annual contracts for testing and inspection of Apparatus Pumps, Confined Space Equipment, Fire Hose, Flow Test SCBAs, Ladders, Level A Suits
    • On-site and Shop Services and Repairs, Gas Detection Instrumentation, Hose Coupling and Repair, Pumps, Foam Systems, Fall Protection Equipment
    • Custom Fabrication Ship, Slip On Units, Tanks, Trailers, Type VI
    • Blanker Order Programs, Consigned Inventory, Custom Catalogs, EH&S Staffing, Integrated Supply, Job Site Supply, Regional/National  Programs, Safety/MRO Vending Systems, Vendor Managed Inventory
    • Emergency Management and Equipment Surveys, Safety Meetings, Fitting Assistance, Analysis, Cost Analysis/Reduction, Product Usage Analysis, Summary Billing
    • Rental Equipment
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