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    Premier-US Foods

    Food Distribution Services and Products

    To drive the highest savings possible for public agencies, the Premier Food Service Program addresses product cost, distribution mark-up and program incentives. Principle advantages of partnering with Premier:

    Contracted Products

    • High-value contract opportunities for a comprehensive portfolio of food service products, distribution and services
    • Price protection, predictability and transparency

    National Distribution Agreement

    • Cost-plus fixed fee per case program (K-12 only)
    • Cost-plus pricing (public sector)
    • Dedicated people and resources
    • Program and service initiatives including stocking, fill rates, minimum delivery fees and performance incentives

    Operational Support

    • Professional support and consulting
    • Culinary and menu support
    • Compliant and customized menus and recipes

    Cost Control 

    • Ordering technology, support and training
    • Customized and timely reporting
    • Order guide management
    • Time and event scheduling
    • Inventory management

    Education and Training 

    • Networking
    • Member engagement, collaboration and communities
    • Continuing education and professional development

    Contact Information

    Phone: 877-981-3312
    Fax: 886-809-9247