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    Proctoring Solutions: Live Online and Automated

    Automated & Live Proctoring

    Automated Proctoring leverages Proctorio’s technology to flag possible breaches of exam integrity. Proctorio offers a suite of customizable Lock Down, Recording, Verification, and Behavior settings that exam administrators can choose from to curate a comfortable test-taking environment for their learners. Proctorio’s technology also flags possibly suspicious behavior for exam administrators to review.

    Live Proctoring leverages a live, human proctor to observe test-taker behavior and intervene if needed, as instructed by the exam administrator. They can chat with the test taker, pause the exam, or even remove the test taker from the exam all together if they are not cooperating. In addition to undergoing extensive third-party background checks, Live Proctors are trained on Privacy, Security, Diversity, and Accessibility. Automated Proctoring runs in the background of Live Proctoring to act as a second set of eyes and ears for the proctors.

    Automated & Live ID Verification

    Our Automated ID Verification option captures images of a test taker’s ID and saves it within the Proctorio Gradebook for later review by an exam administrator.  

    Institutions can also opt into a premium Live ID Verification service where Proctorio representatives compare a test taker’s name and image in real time. This prevents test takers from entering the exam if their information or image does not match.  

    Data Security & Privacy

    Proctorio provides a highly configurable, scalable, and reliable proctoring solution that respects the privacy of our end users. Proctorio never requires additional PII to enter an exam beyond what is already required by the assessment platform. We have also implemented policies, procedures, and practices to comply with GDPR, FERPA, COPPA, and other international and national privacy regulations.