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    Proctoring Solutions: Live Online and Automated

    On Earth Day 2021, Proctorio announced that more than 25 million exams have been proctored using our software since January 2020. This accounts for a total savings of nearly 400 million kilograms (kg) of carbon dioxide emissions that would have been emitted from test takers commuting to testing centers to take in-person exams.  

    Traditional test-taking practices, such as decades of driving to and from testing centers and printing billions of paper exams, have wreaked havoc on the environment. However, through remote proctoring tools as with Proctorio, the industry can provide a high-integrity test-taking environment that also benefits the Earth. And with 25,361,910 exams proctored since January 2020, the result is carbon dioxide emissions savings of 394,124,082 kg.  

    Additionally, Proctorio will soon be moving into a new office that was designed to generate more energy than the building will use! The system being installed will produce an average of 156 megawatts a year or 156,000 kilowatts annually on average. To put that in perspective, an average house uses 18,000 kilowatts a year. This system can power almost nine houses a year! 

    Finally, Proctorio calculates its carbon footprint and invests in projects around the world that offset our total carbon emissions. We are currently supporting and contributing several sustainable practices to the Matebe Hydroelectric Plant in Virunga, Congo, home to Africa’s oldest national park and one of the last mountain gorilla populations in the world. 

    Without an alternative source of energy to support the increasing demand, the Virunga National Park could be destroyed within 10 years. Clean energy is an extreme necessity in Congo, with only 3% of the population having electricity. The Matebe Hydroelectric Plant is offsetting carbon emissions—caused by the burning of fossil fuels and the illegal trading of charcoal. This clean energy is also improving the lives of the people in Virunga by supporting education after dark.