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    SAK Construction

    Trenchless Technology Rehabilitation and Related Services

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    SAK Construction

    SAK Construction is the leading installer of trenchless technology pipeline and infrastructure solutions in the United States. We install cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to structurally renew potable water distribution mains and gravity sewer pipelines; HDPE tight fitting liners for pressure pipeline renewal of gas, oil, water and sewer pipelines; pipe bursting of water mains with pre-chlorinated HDPE pipe; pipe bursting of sewer mains with HDPE pipe; protective linings of manholes and structures; and CIPP for gravity sewer lateral renewal. SAK Construction is providing TCPN members a full range of cost effective solutions to buried or difficult to access infrastructure problems from coast to coast.

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    SAK Construction
    Email: charliek@sakcon.com
    Phone: 636-385-1017
    Fax: 636-385-1117