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    Samson Equipment, Inc.

    Athletic and Physical Education Supplies and Team Uniforms


    Andress High School - El Paso, Texas

    “There’s a lot of small colleges who would love to have something like this...The people I’ve talked to around the country, colleges specifically, they spoke highly of the product and durability. It holds up…Everyone in El Paso is going to want to build something now, and if you’re not going with Samson you’re just building a building” 

    - Jeff Woodruff, Athletic Director/Head Football Coach


    Anna High School - Anna, Ohio

    “Talk to Samson...their knowledge is invaluable.  They have seen everything across the country. High school, college and professional level, their advice is invaluable…  They were able to work with to find out how many athletes we had and what type of sports we had, and knowledgeable enough to say this is the type of equipment you’ll need and heres a way to lay it out…Find the people that will listen to what your needs are.”

    -Anna High School Booster Club


    Moriarty High School - Moriarty, New Mexico

    “I had a history working with Samson… When we got green lit to get this thing done we called Brian. We didn’t make any other phone calls, it was straight to Samson…Here we are, he took care of all it. He gave us some ideas we didn’t even have… We got the greatest facility we could have ever asked for.”

    - Joe Anaya, Athletic Director

    For more details, please visit: www.samsonequipment.com