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    Environmentally Friendly Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.

    At Savoy, we’re passionate about the environment. Nestled in the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, a state that is predominantly covered by beautiful woodlands, we incorporate environmentally conscientious policies and practices in our manufacturing procedures, and we strongly encourage our vendors to do the same.

    Why does Savoy primarily use wood?

    • Considered a Highly Renewable Resource
    • Requires Less Energy to Process into Finished Products
    • Low in Toxicity & Completely Biodegradable
    • Enhances Thermal Performance & Interior Acoustics while Providing Long-Term Performance & Durability

    What are the added benefits of veneer core premium plywood?

    • Utilizing Veneer Core Premium Plywood, in Place of Solid Wood Panels When Possible, Minimizes the Effect on the Environment by Providing a More Complete Use of the Harvested Tree.
    • Trees Used for Veneer Application Extends the Utilization by as much as 16 Times More than Solids Applications. 

    What other environmentally conscientious practices does Savoy utilize?

    • Locally Sourced Lumber & Fabrics Woven by Mills within 300 Miles of Savoy
    • Technologically Advanced Ultraviolet (UV) Finishing System, Effectively Reducing VOC Output by 99%
    • Water-Based Stains Used in Finishing Products Reduce VOCs by as much as 90% or More
    • Water-Based Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion Adhesives Have a very Low Level of VOCs & Do Not Contain any Formaldehyde or Urea-Formaldehyde
    • Waste Streams (Used Oils, Cleaning Fluids & Some Finishing Materials) Are Recycled to Minimize Waste
    • Fuel Oil Processing/Heating Systems Replaced with More Efficient Natural Gas Systems, Substantially Reducing Oil Consumption & the Release of Airborne Contaminants
    • Waste Woods Are Recycled in the Form of Wood Mulch or Are Utilized in Heating Systems Locally
    • Saw Dust Collected by the Extraction System Is Used as Animal Bedding by Local Farmers
    • Any Cardboard Waste in the Plant Is Recycled Locally
    • Blanket Wrapped Shipping Processes Utilizing Reusable Moving Blankets Made of Recycled Materials Reduces Trees Harvested for Manufacturing of Shipping Materials

    If you’re interested in partnering with a furniture provider who cares about you and the environment, let’s chat. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming furniture needs.