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    SouthEast Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC)

    Bleeding Control Kits and Related Hemorrhage Control Products and Services

    The SouthEast Regional Advisory Council (SETRAC) has been a leader in Texas for providing quality General Access and School-Based Hemorrhage Control kits, along with free training, to over 29 of the 38 Independent School Districts in and around the Greater Houston area. We’ve held over 400 classes for airports and general businesses which totals over 18,500 people trained in bleeding control. Our classes are approved by the Texas Education Administration. SETRAC is home to the National Stop the Bleed State Coordinator for Texas.

    Our custom-made Hemorrhage Control kits all contain the required elements outlined in Texas HB-496 and come in a resealable pouch. Each kit has the option of including QuickClot® for an additional price. The resealable pouch allows for ease of access and resupply of items utilized or expired without having to discard the entire kit.