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    Document and Media Destruction Services

    Medical Waste & Sharps MailBack

    Through Stericycle, this contract provides a safe, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective solution for medical waste and sharps management. 

    This includes custom-designed systems, FDA approved mailable sharps containers and/or medical waste pails, a prepaid postage return-by-mail shipping box, manifest and instructions for easy use. Once full, return the container in the provided packaging for destruction at a Stericycle treatment facility. Proof of proper disposal is then provided for your records.

    Who Should Use This?
    • Alternate Site Medical Facilities
    • Pharmacies
    • Diabetics
    • Home Healthcare
    • Offices
    • Educational Facilities
    • Law Enforcement Agencies
    • Fire Stations
    • Transportation & Hospitality
    • Gyms
    • Parks
    • Camp Grounds
    • Janitorial & Maintenance
    • Public Restrooms
    How to Order
    1.  Call today to setup account: 866-780-2141
    2.  Once your account has been established, please use the MyStericycle Resource Guide to learn how to register your account.
    3.  Once you are registered follow these steps.
    4.  Login to your MyStericycle.com account
    5.  Once logged in, click on the tab “Shop for Products” then visit the OMNIA Partners Store to take advantage of your contract pricing.

    Universal Waste MailBack

    Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ Universal Waste MailBack recycling service provides a low-cost, fully compliant recycling options that facilitates EPA, OSHA and DOT-compliant recycling and management of materials ranging from light bulbs and batteries, to lighting ballasts and more.

    The Universal Waste MailBack Recycling Program was created as an easy-to-use collection system for small quantity recycling. The DOT and EPA compliant packaging will be delivered to and picked up from your specified location via common carrier. Each container will have a prepaid shipping label for tracking purposes as well.

    If you would like to learn more about how to dispose of other items such as electronic waste, chemicals and more, visit www.stericycleenvironmental.com

    Who Should Use This?

    Anyone that has light bulbs, batteries, and other waste considered universal waste by the EPA. 

    How to Order

    Call: 866-569-5408 and make sure you mention you are a part of OMNIA Partners!