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    The Marick Group

    Learning Management System

    Experts who ensure success by enhancing your talent management experience.

    The inspiration behind the start of Marick Group came from a strong desire by our founders to do things differently in the Human Capital Management space, and always go the extra mile. Today, that philosophy is stronger than ever. It continues to fuel our growth and guide our team’s overall approach to doing business:

    OMNIA Partners works to connect the public sector to collective buying power. Our Marick Group cooperative contract provides public sector agencies with learning and talent mangement systems. When organizations choose the Marick Group cooperative contracts through OMNIA Partners, they will receive savings and value that goes beyond costs. By using cooperative contracts, the cost of goods and services are ultimately reduced by aggregating the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. As a Marick Group partner, OMNIA Partners is dedicated to bringing cost-effective learning managment system solutions to the public sector.

    Long-Term Relationships

    Marick Group is fortunate to have a diverse mix of clients, many of which we enjoy long-term relationships with. Our first client from 2007, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), is still with us today.  Whether we’re working with a leading federal government agency, a commercial enterprise, or a state and local government and education (SLED) organization, our goal is to deliver Learning solutions that will foster long-term growth, trust, and ultimately long-term business relationships.


    Certified Specialists

    The Marick and Cornerstone talent bench runs deep with highly qualified, certified experts who are knowledgeable in all aspects of Learning Management. Here you’ll find:

    •System developers
    •Instructional designers
    •Content creators
    •Project manager
    •Data engineers, and
    •Help desk analysts

    Custom LMS Solutions

    A one-size-fits-all LMS solution doesn’t exist in Marick and Cornerstone’s projects. We realize that each client we partner with is unique – from their workplace culture and number of employees to the technologies they use.  The Marick-Cornerstone partnership is focused on creating custom solutions that accurately reflect an organization’s unique blueprint. Through careful discovery and information mapping, we’ll define your goals and create a customized strategy that will deliver a successful outcome.


    Leading LMS Products

    Marick Group’s services are made possible through the strong partnership with Cornerstone, a leading LMS solution.  Cornerstone provides the product, and Marick provides certified implementation specialists for these products. We are proud to be a certified solution provider and reseller of Cornerstone and Saba software, implementing and supporting all modules.