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    The Toro Motor Company was founded on July 10, 1914, to provide engines for one of the early leaders in the tractor field, The Bull Tractor Company of Minneapolis. Although established as an independent company, the name “Toro” was chosen due to the company’s association with Bull Tractor. Following Bull Tractor’s untimely demise, Toro shifted its focus to the mowing industry. It was then, in 1919, that Toro was approached by the Minikahda Club in Minneapolis to create a motorized fairway mower to replace horse-drawn equipment. By mounting five lawn mowers onto the front of a farm tractor, Toro developed the Standard Golf Machine and helped create the motorized golf course equipment industry. Today, Toro is a global leader in turf and landscape maintenance equipment and irrigation solutions to help public sector agencies, and non-profits, care for golf courses, landscapes, sports fields, public green spaces, commercial and residential properties and agricultural fields.

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    Going Green With Toro

    From advanced work in electric, biofuel, and propane technologies to our many water-saving irrigation products, we are committed to protecting the world's critical resources and delivering commercially viable solutions that yield environmental, performance, and productivity innovation to our customers.

    Equally important are our ongoing efforts to create a leaner, more efficient operational footprint. Across all worldwide manufacturing facilities, we recycle steel, aluminum, plastics and cardboard packaging. To reduce wood packaging waste, we ship many of our professional products in returnable steel crating and receive many of our product components from suppliers in reusable packaging. We recycle water and reuse powder (paint) coating within our paint systems. We also continue to invest in more advanced technologies that allow us to reduce our energy usage and improve productivity.

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