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    Leading Innovation Leads to a Better World

    As a leading manufacturer, Toshiba recognizes that the earth is an irreplaceable asset, hence, we are constantly researching and implementing new methods to protect the world in which we live and work. We continue to reduce our environmental footprint through our manufacturing process, and help customers through the products we build and the programs in which we participate.

    Eco Product Design - Using cutting-edge environmental technology, Toshiba promotes highly efficient manufacturing facilities and processes, pursuing lower CO2 emission levels in every business area. Because of our minimal use of hazardous substances, we are RoHS compliant, and through the responsible collection, treatment, recycling and recovery of the products we build, Toshiba is also WEEE compliant. Every printed circuit board is 100% lead-free and halogen-free, and about half of all our recycled plastic parts are halogen-free. We offer service modules that are rebuildable as well as developer units that are self-refreshing. We use state-of-the-art processing to separate materials, and cartridges are recycled with zero-waste-to-landfill.

    Eco Features in eStudio MFPs - A number of our product features are designed to minimize the environmental footprint. For example, to reduce paper waste we've implemented duplex by default printing and an omit blank page function, as well as electronic product manuals rather than those made of paper. And while most sleep modes use 5 watts of power or more, we now have a Super-Sleep Mode that uses only one watt.

    PrintReleaf - Every time your printer reaches 8,333 printed pages, we plant a replacement tree in your honor. And it's all done for you automatically through a network of reforestation projects around the world. Once your trees are planted, PrintReleaf even administers an 8-year audit process so you can seamlessly track the progress. PrintReleaf is a simple way to dramatically reduce your company's environmental impact and proudly go paper-neutral.

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