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    Household Moving, Relocation Services and Related Products

    Virtual Survey

    Our Virtual Survey mobile application allows our customers to video chat with a United or Mayflower moving professional and gives customers the flexibility of assessing their moving needs and estimating the cost of the move at a convenient time for them – and in a manner that provides a sense of security from within their own home.

    There are three easy steps to take part in a virtual survey estimate:

    1. Download the virtual survey application on a smartphone or tablet
    2. Take a guided inventory of your items
    3. Receive your estimate via email

    Driver Technology

    Not only are Mayflower and United innovating ways to help the customer’s experience, we are also utilizing technology to help our agency family and our van operators be more efficient. We understand that an employee’s time is valuable. That’s why we continue to develop digital inventory management tools and other advanced technologies that help drive productivity and streamline processes.