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    United Language Group

    Interpreter and Translation Services

    An accurate translation is your key to the global marketplace. Our portfolio of language services opens new doors to businesses expanding worldwide.

    Every country has a unique marketplace and a unique way of speaking. Your translation must reflect it in order to be effective. ULG provides the highest quality translation services that will help you build effective relationships around the world. Whether the client is writing technical documents for a product label, or marketing campaigns for global release, ULG has the expertise and resource depth to make translation projects successful.

    Our professional translators are:

    • HIPAA certified
    • Abide by strict confidentiality agreements
    • Hold advanced degrees in language translation, with 3-5 years of experience in their field of expertise
    • Maintain track records of success

    As an innovative language services provider with local linguist teams around the world, ULG is on the forefront of localization trends and cultural accuracy.ULG is an expert in the area of written translations pertaining to all aspects of document translation.