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    Ergonomic Workplace Solutions


    Workrite Ergonomics is an internationally recognized leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative ergonomic and space optimization products for the workplace. For nearly 30 years, Workrite has set the standard for ergonomic office products including sit stand desks, keyboard tray systems, and monitor arms.


    Workrite’s designers and engineers incorporate modern design techniques, the latest technologies, and the highest quality specifications in the industry to create products that are sure to complement even the most sophisticated office decor. Times change and so do office environments. Workrite products can be easily adapted to meet the needs of virtually anyone, in any office environment, making them the smart investment for today’s most demanding and dynamic organizations.


    At Workrite, we understand that companies invest in ergonomics programs because they know that happy, healthy workers are more productive. That’s why our products are designed to provide a more comfortable work experience. Every Workrite product is designed with the direct input of the ergonomics community, ensuring that they enhance user comfort and productivity and are intuitively simple to use.

    Line of Sight

    Transform Your Learning Environment

    Traditional computer-based classrooms and training rooms can be eye sores. Computers sit on top of desks, taking up the whole desk space and blocking the view of the student to the instructor. Unsightly, exposed cables can cause accidents and expensive equipment is vulnerable to theft and damage. Often they sit empty for a large portion of the day when there are not computer based classes in session.

    Now, imagine a solution that improves the quality of teaching, clears the clutter, solves damage and theft issues, and increases room utilization. Line of Sight™ 3.0 training and technology computer desks are the solution.