TruLiteElectrical Equipment, Bulbs and Ballasts and Related Services

TruLite is an industry leader in lighting, solar and all other enterprise energy conservation solutions. We specialize in the design and installation of lighting systems as well as comprehensive energy conservation solutions throughout the western United States. We implement systems and methods which help you meet your goals of adding value to your company through energy conservation.

Nearly all of our customers’ projects are self-funding, with the fastest ROI's in the industry. Our projects are usually budget-neutral and typically pay for themselves in 5 years or less. We believe that systems which incorporate faster payoff plans are more valuable to our customers.

We at TruLite are experienced in large lighting projects and energy conservation implementations. Our skilled and professional staff have extensive experience working across all industries and all types of physical facilities. We take pride in our competitive and creative financing.

We structure projects around our customers' objectives because we believe that energy conservation, when done right, is not just good for the environment - it's good for your bottom line.

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TruLite and OMNIA Partners have partnered together to offer electrical equipment, bulbs and ballasts and related services to public agencies.

Approved affiliate: Utility Management Solutions | Energy Management Software (

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TruLite Contract Documentation

U.S. Communities, National IPA, & NCPA are wholly-owned subsidiaries of OMNIA Partners, dba OMNIA Partners, Public Sector. All public sector participants already registered with National IPA, U.S. Communities, or NCPA continue to have access to all contracts, with certain exceptions, in the portfolio and do not need to re-register to use a legacy National IPA, legacy U.S. Communities, legacy NCPA, or new OMNIA Partners contract. U.S. Communities, National IPA, and NCPA remain separate legal entities and lead agency contracts completed under each brand are effective and available for use through the contract’s approved term. In the event we believe re-registration is necessary for any reason, OMNIA Partners will let you know.

Electrical Equipment, Bulbs and Ballasts and Related Services- Supplemental

Region 14 ESC - TX

Contract Number: 02-71

December 6, 2019 to November 30, 2023
Option to renew for one (1) additional one (1) year periods through November 30, 2024.

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