How You'll Benefit From Group Purchasing

Free Guide: Everything GPO You Need to Know

Group Purchasing Brings Long-Standing Value

As purchasing professionals with strategic expertise, we know you have a lot to offer your company. But you’re constantly tasked to do more with less.

The good news is that when procurement and supply chain professionals add a group purchasing program to your team, you find even more innovative ways to accomplish everything on your to-do list by optimizing the GPO contract.

We know you have a full agenda:

  1. Uncover double-digit savings in unmanaged areas of spend
  2. Improve long-standing contract savings and service-levels
  3. Benchmark results both on current contracts and overall market trends
  4. Satisfy end-user stakeholders’ priorities, needs and goals

Procurement is tasked to do all of the above (and more) while operating in an ever-evolving business environment. Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) can narrow the scope of priorities for procurement as they take on and deliver on the most important value drivers.

In our group purchasing guide, you’ll discover the benefits and value-added drivers that you'll gain through group purchasing:

  • Greater savings, more quickly and for longer
  • Reduced risk
  • Streamlined and cost-effective procurement
  • Products and services for optimized supply chain management
  • Increased spend influence and savings 

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