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A One-Stop-Shop Approach to Independent Contractor Management

Posted by Josh Schreck on October 26, 2017

We know there are many moving parts in the independent contractor machine. Some move faster than others, but all require maintenance and forethought. The misconception that IC engagement is a helplessly complicated puzzle can make solving it feel like a time-consuming mess. The good news is it’s simpler than you may think. Just like running your errands, one-stop-shopping will save valuable time and money. And, we know it works — we have been using this model at Populus Group for years.

A One-Stop-Shop Approach

Here are the three ways our one-stop-shop IC services at Populus Group have helped our clients:

1. Fast On-Boarding

It took some experimentation, but we have the on-boarding formula down to a science. Vetting is the most time-consuming part of the on-boarding process but we have a system to expedite this process and retain proven contractors. It’s not magic; it’s old-school, personalized customer service and new-school, smart processing.

For example, ICs don’t have to experience a complete re-on-board with each extension or change to the SOW. We also provide statement of work management, which includes updating IC agreements, and obtaining approvals for extensions and new projects.

2. One Point-Of-Contact

Rather than dealing with multiple departments, from legal, to procurement, to accounting, we believe in allocating one personalized specialist to work with. This means customers speak to an actual person when they have an invoice, contract or payment question. This representative will know their needs and processes, and will be able handle it all, even contract negotiations. When customers have an educated, consultative agent in their corner, they win more time to focus on their business goals.

Also, our team is thoroughly trained and each specialist will ensure needs are met in a timely manner, and that the necessary documentation, resources and support are delivered.

3. Insurance Coverage Options

Accessing the specialized skillsets and talent that an independent contractor provides is vital to customers. To ensure the customer is able to utilize this talent we offer agent of record services, but for contractors that would pose a high level of risk if classified as a 1099, we offer our employer of record and payroll services. Additionally, in cases where contractors may qualify as independent contractors but are unable to obtain sufficient insurances, we work with the independent contractor to ensure they have appropriate coverage for their work for the client.

The Impact for You

From streamlined vetting, on-boarding and billing, to expertly managed contract negotiations, documentation and insurance, customers get more service and save time, money and hassle with a one-stop-shop approach.

Want to learn more about our partnership and approach with Corporate United? Visit the CU ICC category page for details, and reach out with any questions.

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