Fire Protection


Cintas isn’t just any fire protection provider. We’re a provider set apart by our cutting-edge technology, detailed processes, and trained technicians.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection

With professional inspections, you’ll have confidence that you are keeping your fire extinguishers functioning properly and compliant with current fire codes.


Fire Sprinkler Systems

A well-maintained sprinkler system can slow a fire’s progress until firefighters arrive. Unfortunately, without regular testing and inspections your system may not be ready.


Fire Alarm Panels

Alarm panels can be extremely complicated. Let a certified provider like Cintas eliminate some of the headaches that come with having to inspect them.


Emergency and Exit Lights

Fully operational emergency lights and exit signs are critical during a power outage or emergency. But they do require monthly checks and annual inspections.


Fire Alarm Monitoring

Count on Cintas for alarm monitoring. Our wireless system CintasNet© delivers a faster transmission speed — linking your alarm panel to your local EMS.

Additional Products and Services:

Fire Extinguisher 


Special Hazard Suppression

What Cintas Value Inspection Program Can Do For You

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