Corporate Payment Solutions

Commercial Card Types

“Commercial cards” is the umbrella term for credit and debit cards used in B2B payments. Advanced ePayments solutions support many commercial card types.

Traditional Purchasing Cards

Provided to individual employees for
purchasing business goods and services at
the point of sale (POS). Ideal for low-dollar
purchases. “One Card” programs also allow
for travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses.

Corporate Cards

Issued to employees for T&E expenses. Also
used by department heads for purchases.

Fleet/Vehicle Cards

Used by employees to pay for fuel and
vehicle maintenance. Allow for reporting
and tracking by vehicle, providing
specific controls for fleet expenses.

Ghost Cards/Accounts

Function like purchase cards and can be
used at POS or for invoice payments, with
reusable account numbers and spend
limits that reset monthly. Suppliers can
retain the number and process charges
as employees make purchases.

Single-Use Cards

Also known as virtual card accounts, virtual
account numbers, or ePayables. Sends a
one-time-use virtual account number to
the supplier. The spend limit matches the
approved invoice(s) and does not refresh.

Declining Balance Cards

Have a set limit and expiration date that does
not refresh. Used for special projects with a set
budget, for relocation expenses, for infrequent
travelers who don’t have a corporate card, etc.