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Consider Video Marketing

Video Improves ROI
Many businesses judge their performance during review season based on the return on investment. Video is now used as a tool by businesses with 83% reporting enhanced figures thanks to video marketing.

Videos and SEO
The interactive nature of videos allows viewers to admiringly ogle at content for longer periods. Companies like Google have optimized their systems to rank pages based on the stay time of visitors. A study revealed that websites with videos have a 53% chance of appearing on the first page of search results. The rich media content of videos allows extras like tags, keyword labels and descriptions to come into play.

Personal Connection
Compared to other forms of communication, video stands out due to its intrinsic nature to connect. Brands are now using videos to form a close relationship with their viewers. A study showed that video marketing campaigns that feature emotional content had a good reception. In fact, compared to rational content, such videos recorded double the numbers in terms of reach.

In the digital age, life moves fast and everyone seems to be in a hurry to go someplace. Video marketing excels because it is fast and convenient. As a result, most videos tend to go straight to the point just to deliver the message. Since the point is made early, you stand better odds of engaging leads who would not have had time to book an appointment.

The Trust Element
Instead of relying on the typical sales pitch, you should constantly seek to deliver on quality content. Through video, your personality can shine. While marketing with video, you don’t necessarily have to be a bore. You should try to incorporate humor and a couple of questions during the presentation.

Mobile Users Love Video
According to YouTube, mobile videos have been rising at an unprecedented level in recent times. The popular video platform reports that mobile views double every year.

Explainers Are Amazing
Rather than read a book, many people prefer to learn through video. Video marketing has become the preferred manner for people to learn about the world and adopt new skills. Brands have clearly taken note of this with 45% of establishments sporting explainer videos on their landing pages.

Staying Power
Due to the influx of advertisements all around us, it’s hard for people to remember most marketing campaigns. Interestingly, about 80% of people have come to the fore and revealed that they are more likely to remember video ads.

You Can Enhance Your Email Click-Through Rate
About 60% of marketers who use video marketing as a tool have reported that they’ve been able to double or triple their earnings. Since most of the leads are sourced through email, you should seek to incorporate videos when reaching out to your subscribers in order to boost sales.

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