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Trusted Partner

We focus on building collaborative partnerships with our clients rather than simply completing transactions for them. And for each client partnership, our overriding objective is to become your Trusted Partner for workforce mobility management. In simplest terms, that means becoming:

  • The company that you rely upon for sound advice on all workforce mobility matters and that you trust implicitly.
  • The company that inspires your confidence because we are exceptional at what we do and have good business sense.
  • A sounding board for the challenges and tough issues you face in managing your workforce mobility program.

Of course, trust is a two-way street, and the role of Trusted Partner is not something we can appoint ourselves to. Instead, we work to earn it, using the following methods:

We Listen
Knowing what’s important to you is always the first step, which is why becoming a trusted advisor starts with frank discussions, insightful questions and informed consultation.

We Learn
From the onset of our partnership, we work to understand your unique mobility needs, concerns, budget, goals and culture, and then tailor our service approach accordingly.

We Earn Your Confidence
Proving ourselves worthy of your business means continuously building your confidence in both your Weichert service team and Weichert as a company.

We Add Value
Drawing on close to 50 years of mobility management and consulting experience and leveraging the resources of the Weichert Family of Companies, we add compelling value in the administration of your program.

We Guarantee Our Performance
Once we understand your personal and organizational goals, we’ll create detailed, mutually-agreed upon Scorecards that track our performance against the metrics that matter most to you.

We Establish Many-to-Many Relationships Throughout Your Company
To encourage broader collaboration, deepen our understanding of your stakeholders’ priorities and help your company achieve its objectives.

We Make You the Hero
By providing in-depth analysis of every facet of your program, helping you understand and explain your program’s unique cost drivers, and making sure that your policy continues to reflect the best practices for your specific industry, we’ll help you ensure that workforce mobility remains a vital component of your company’s talent management strategy.

We invite you to take a closer look and see for yourself why our dedication to becoming a Trusted Partner has led us to achieve more rewarding partnerships with—and ever higher levels of performance for—our clients.

Balanced Scoreboard

Static service level agreements and KPIs may be considered best practice by some organizations, but we’ve adopted a more aggressive approach to managing performance. We use the Balanced Scorecard to set and track our progress toward specific quality, service, cost savings and risk management goals.

Developed by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and David Norton, the Balanced Scorecard enables absolute transparency to our success in servicing your account. Working with our clients, we establish Scorecards which set down specific criteria to be measured—anything from transferee satisfaction rates to direct home selling costs—and assign a weighted value to each target.

This collaborative methodology makes it incredibly easy for our clients to monitor our metrics and for our service teams to identify opportunities for improvement, while giving you (and senior leadership) the confidence that you’ve made the right decision entrusting your program to us.

We also maintain Scorecards for every employee, department and service partner to ensure that individual performance is aligned with the most important customer, client and corporate objectives. In this regard, the Balanced Scorecard has become a galvanizing force throughout our entire organization, creating a culture centered around meaningful work and empowerment.

Our success in using the Scorecard to drive real improvement has made Weichert the first and only company in our industry to be named to the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame.

Legendary Services

As a workforce mobility company, service quality is perhaps the truest measure of the value we bring to our client partnerships. That’s why we won’t settle for delivering exceptional service; we strive to be Legendary.

Within Weichert, Legendary Service isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s an honest effort to create an organizational culture built on performance, collaboration and innovation. It’s a commitment to creating better futures for our clients, improving the mobile employee experience, and making our colleagues and suppliers feel good about the roles they play in our success.

The continued success of this effort is completely attributable to our colleagues. Since its introduction, they’ve embraced the concept of Legendary Service, transforming it from a customer service training philosophy to part of our corporate DNA.

More importantly, they’ve put their own personal stamp on service delivery by creating Personal Service Visions, through which each of our global colleagues promised to leverage their unique strengths to uphold the ICARE service model of being Innovative, Collaborative, Attentive, Responsive and Empowered. Their passion has helped build Legendary Service into something tangible, something that clients and mobile employees feel when they work with us.

It is no small coincidence that since the Legendary Service framework has been introduced at our company, we’ve attained some of the highest customer service marks in our company’s history—not just on our internal client and transferee evaluations, but on several well-respected industry surveys.

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