The Road to Becoming the Largest and Most Experienced Organization in Purchasing 

In 2017, the founders of National IPA formed OMNIA Partners to provide the same level of expertise and value to the private and public sector marketplaces. In June 2017, OMNIA Partners acquired Prime Advantage, the leading buying group in mid-market manufacturing and experts in direct materials, raw materials, components, services and supplies procurement. Then, in September 2017, OMNIA Partners acquired Corporate United, the nation’s largest indirect group purchasing organization, with over 400 leading member companies taking advantage of the value of the cooperative.

In 2018, OMNIA Partners finalized the purchase of Communities Program Management, LLC, the organization that staffs and manages the operations of the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance (U.S. Communities). The U.S. Communities program provides world-class procurement resources to government, education and non-profit entities.

By leveraging shared services, OMNIA Partners offers members unprecedented purchasing power, with access to more contracts, with more value, in more markets, than ever before. Together we are shaping the future of purchasing, with unparalleled scale, experience and expertise.

History of OMNIA Partners


Shaping the Future of Purchasing Together

These acquisitions have contributed to the status of OMNIA Partners as the premier organization in purchasing today – with the means to redefine what purchasing looks like tomorrow.

By leveraging shared services, OMNIA Partners offers members unprecedented purchasing power and access. At the same time, suppliers benefit from the unmatched access they get to a large, diverse portfolio of member organizations and influential decision-makers.

Through these partnerships, OMNIA Partners is shaping the future of purchasing with unparalleled scale, experience and expertise – and quickly becoming the most valued and trusted resource in procurement.