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Servicing more than 200 districts in 15 states, ALC Schools is recognized nationally as the leader in alternative pupil transportation for students with special transportation needs. ALC Schools represents a better, proven approach to alternative student transportation.

Your Students' Transportation & ALC Schools

Who is ALC Schools?

ALC Schools is a national student transportation solutions company that uses a combination of sedans, mini-vans and SUVs to supplement districts' existing transportation programs.

Supplementing bus service with small capacity vehicles means that districts no longer have to pay for unused capacity and have the flexibility to expand and contract their fleet to accommodate the ever-changing requirements of these student populations.

At ALC Schools, our focus is on fulfilling districts' special transportation needs. Our goal is to deliver safe, reliable and high quality transportation for school districts and the families they serve.

Every day we coordinate trips for thousands of students, yet we never lose sight of the importance of each student's individual and unique circumstances.

Because ALC Schools focuses only on special transportation needs, we are able to offer a level of personalized service found nowhere else.

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Who We Serve

Whether assisting districts with their McKinney-Vento program, their hardest to serve trips, or their special needs students, ALC Schools provides a scalable solution that can expand or contract to accommodate this ever-changing population.

The ALC Schools Solution meets districts' supplemental transportation needs by coordinating a combination of mini-vans, SUVs and sedans to transport the following student population types:

  • McKinney-Vento
  • ESE/Special needs students
  • Hard-to-serve trips
  • Students traveling out-of-district
  • Multi-district coordination

Who Will Be Transporting Your Students?

Consistency - it's important to your special needs students and it's important to ALC Schools. That's why we strive to ensure that each student rides with the same driver every day. This solution enhances communication with parents and increases the comfort level of the students.

Because we not only match the vehicle, but also the driver with the individual needs of the student, drivers view their role as having made a commitment to serving "their" students each and every day. The result: students spend more days in the classroom, providing them and their parents stability, familiarity, security and trust.

ALC Schools cares about the safety of your student. That's why we confirm that any driver providing service has complied with the following, as required by state law or your district:

  • Valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle type, registration and insurance
  • Ongoing DMV record review for driver safety
  • Criminal background check
  • Enrolled in a random drug & alcohol testing program
  • Meets all other state/district-specific requirements

How Will Vehicles & Drivers Be Identified?

The vehicles transporting your students will be identified with a placard on the dashboard. Each driver will have a photo ID badge stating that they are a subcontracted transportation provider for your district.