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Welcome to the 3M Commercial Solutions Division

We enable our customers to deliver better brand experiences. We do this with solutions that help them better present their brand, and create cleaner, safer, and more beautiful environments, while also being more productive and sustainable.

Make your facility shine
Every space is filled with potential, and with the right tools you can create an environment that makes your guests feel welcome and presents your brand in the best light. Take every opportunity to make a lasting impression on every visitor

3M Cleaning, Maintenance & Resurface Solutions: Noticeable Results
Every facility has a personality that leaves an impression. But even the slightest imperfection- a spill, a frayed mat, chipped paint – can change a guest’s overall experience. At 3M, we utilize our science, technology and innovative spirit to develop systems that provide a safe and welcoming experience for visitors.

Floor care
The appearance of your floors can affect first impressions and ultimately your building’s image. 3M provides solutions to help improve the look and longevity of your floors while making you and your brand shine

Don’t let dust define your building’s image. From floors to fans, 3M solutions will help you consistently and effectively removed unwanted dirt and debris.

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting
Maintaining a clean, sanitary facility is no small undertaking. 3M can help you take control of your chemical program with safe, accurate solutions

Floor Safety
The best way to prepare for preventing slips and trips is take a proactive approach. 3M provides the tools you need to understand the risk areas in your facility and provide reliable and proactive solutions.

Everyday mopping is critical for the overall appearance of your floors, but it can be time-consuming and cause cleaning fatigue. 3M provides solutions with innovative features to help you accomplish more in less time.