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    Amazon Business

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    Getting Started

    How do I purchase from Amazon Business via OMNIA Partners? Is there a cost?
    Amazon Business customers must be registered as participants of OMNIA Partners in order to use Amazon Business’s publicly solicited contracts. Please Register to Participate. There are no costs, minimum quantity requirements or spend limits with OMNIA Partners or to create an Amazon Business account.

    To get started, follow these steps:

    Step 1. Register for a FREE Amazon Business account by clicking HERE.
    If you already have an Amazon Business account and are registered with OMNIA Partners, please proceed to step 2.

    Step 2. Complete the contract enrollment form by clicking HERE.
    Once you complete the form, an Amazon Business Customer Advisor will contact you within three business days to complete the registration process. 

    Shipping Information: Amazon Business offers free standard shipping on eligible orders of $25 or more.

    A Business Prime membership helps your whole organization stay ahead, with unlimited, FREE shipping on eligible orders and more business purchasing benefits.Connect with an Amazon Business Customer Advisor to learn more about our public sector pricing plan and benefits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an Amazon Business account?
    Amazon Business allows registered agencies and their designated users to shop for business supplies on Amazon Business. Accounts can have multiple users, and those users can make purchases on Amazon Business on behalf of their organization. Administrators can add and manage business account users and features, such as payment methods and shipping addresses, approval workflows, and reporting options.  Additional features include:

    • Price discounts including bulk quantity discounts.
    • Tax-exempt purchasing for eligible organizations.
    • Payment solutions so that you can choose works best for your business.
    • Spend controls that let you manage authorized purchasers, set spending limits, and approve shopping carts before users buy.
    • Reporting and analytics that track and monitor spending within your organization with dynamic charts and data tables.
    • Purchasing-system integrations with more than 90 leading eProcurement systems.

    My state has bid requirements. Can agencies in my state use this program without going out to bid?
    Amazon Business has two contracts available through OMNIA Partners. Both contracts were publicly bid by a lead agency, Prince William County Public Schools and the State of Utah. Through the Joint Powers Authority or an inter-local agreement, local and state agencies can "piggy-back" this competitive bid contract through OMNIA Partners. This satisfies the competitive bid requirements in most states.

    How do I know if my agency has already adopted the contract?
    Please complete the contract registration form by clicking HERE. Once you complete the form, an Amazon Business Customer Advisor will contact you within 3 business days. 

    What are the benefits of the contract between Amazon Business and OMNIA Partners?  
    By purchasing through a contract that has been competitively awarded by a lead public agency through OMNIA Partners, you gain access to hundreds of millions of products from hundreds of thousands of suppliers on Amazon Business. There are no minimum spend thresholds, or commitments. Close the account at any time.

    Are there any states excluded from using the contract through OMNIA Partners?
    All Amazon Business customers registered as participants of the OMNIA Partners purchasing cooperative are able to use the contract. 

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