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    Education Technology

    Now save time and money when you build or upgrade your school’s AV technology and interactive classroom solutions. Shop AVI-SPL’s new nation-wide, public sector contract awarded with the University of California (UCOP) in cooperation with OMNIA Partners. AVI-SPL partners with your school to deploy education technology that attracts and retains students, and keeps teachers and administrators connected. 

    Get locked-in discounts and skip the bidding process. Freight included with many manufacturers too!

    Hybrid Learning Solutions

    AVI-SPL deploys interactive hybrid classroom and online learning solutions that keep teachers and students engaged. You’ll give students the same learning experience, whether they are on campus or attending virtual classes using Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or another platform.

    Capabilities include flexible video conferencing and virtual classrooms for students, educators, and school leadership. Our design and engineering teams deliver classroom technology and ongoing support services that fit your audio visual technology budget. AVI-SPL’s education AV experience also includes joining teams of general contractors, interior designers, and other consultants. When you work with AVI-SPL, your AV and unified communications teams also have access to state and national education technology discount contracts. 

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