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    AVI - SPL

    Audio Visual Goods and Services


    AVI-SPL is your go-to source for all of your AV and collaboration needs.

    With more than 40 years in the industry, AVI-SPL sells and services a complete range of audio visual equipment - projectors and displays, video conferencing devices, document cameras, lecterns & carts, microphones, speakers and much more. Whatever the application, we have the right communication and collaboration products for you.

    AVI-SPL understands the needs of today’s educators. As the world’s largest video integration company, we partner with only the best of the best in providing education solutions for any learning environment. Our Education solutions are vast—ranging from classroom projectors to the most advanced visual simulation technology in the world’s leading medical schools.

    We also have a dedicated Education team who is continuously working with existing and emerging partners to identify offerings that elevate your student’s learning experience to a new level. We offer nearly everything you need for a classroom—including furniture, podiums, screens, projectors and the latest in digital displays and interactive panels.

    We partner with the most innovative communication technology providers so that our clients have access to advanced, secure, and effective AV and collaboration solutions. Those solutions power the communications for many of the world’s successful companies. One testament to the quality of our work: we can call 85% of the Fortune 100, our customers.

    Did You Know?

    AVI-SPL has a not-for-profit foundation, Employee Emergency Relief Fund (EERF), Inc., that offers financial assistance to members of our AVI-SPL family in the event of an emergency beyond their control? Here's how it works...

    Sparked by donations from employees and Preferred Partners, the fund helps alleviate the financial hardship brought on by emergencies and natural disasters, among other difficult times.  The number one goal of the EERF is to support our friends at work, and their immediate families at home, during their greatest time of need.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    At AVI-SPL, we respect the rights of all our employees, regardless or race, religion, or gender.

    Elevating Gender Equality in Tech (Elevate)

    The ‘Elevating Gender Equity in Tech’ ERG aims to cultivate an inclusive environment that supports and encourages people of all gender expressions to advance their skills and leadership potential through education, connection, mentorship, collaboration, and discussion. This group shall serve as a forum for employees of all gender expressions to feel safe, find their voice and be heard within the AVI-SPL community. Through networking, socializing, service, and professional development, we hope to attract and retain under-represented people, particularly in leadership roles.

    OPEN (Open-arms,  Pride, Equality, Networking)

    OPEN’s mission is to advocate for an inclusive and respectful work environment for employees of all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions, to ensure everyone is valued, supported, and has equal opportunity. Our charter is to bring awareness, influence others, and create change through education and accountability.

    Culture Coalition

    Culture Coalition’s mission is to raise race and ethnicity awareness at AVI-SPL and leverage education about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We advocate for the change and success of all people from different backgrounds. We commit to a working environment where employees are valued, are listened to, are understood, and have an equal opportunity at every turn. And we want the world to know it.