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    Where are your trucks located? 
    We have a network of over 30 dealer locations throughout the country.

    How old are your trucks? 
    Our premium rental fleet contains only newer model trucks averaging 18 months at the most.

    What are your truck usage requirements? 
    Maximum of 50 hours per week.

    What maintenance are we required to perform? 
    Any significant repairs will be covered under warranty. Customer will be responsible for all routine preventative maintenance, including but not limited to the following:

    • Safety inspection and lubrication of all necessary components
    • Oil/Fuel filter changes every 300 hours of operation
    • 150 hour and 300 hour manufacturer preventative maintenance
    • Check fuel, oil and water levels before each daily shift
    • Check cooling system, tire pressures and battery level weekly

    What happens if my rental truck goes down? 
    Big Truck Rental utilizes a modern truck fleet with an average age of 18 months or less, so these instances should be very limited. However, if you do have a truck that goes down, please contact us immediately and we will coordinate the repairs through our dealer network and provide a replacement truck, if necessary.

    What do I need to do when I return the truck? 
    Communicate to the Big Truck Rental sales team the need to return the truck and then perform the following prior to our transport team arriving to pick up the truck:

    • Ensure unit is clean and remove all trash from cab and body
    • Inspect all tires and check pressures to ensure they are at factory and DOT specs. If original tires were removed please reinstall tires received with unit
    • Document and note any damages incurred prior to transport back to Big Truck Rental facility. Pictures are highly recommended
    • Refill fuel and DPF tank to levels at which truck was originally delivered (typically ¼ full)
    • Verify address provided on Bill of Lading to verify truck pick-up location

    What if I need to rent the truck longer than originally quoted? 
    We will be happy to accommodate this need. Please contact the Big Truck Rental sales team as soon as possible once you know this will be needed and we can adjust the rental contract accordingly.

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    Contact Information

    Email: omniapartners@bigtruckrental.com
    Phone: 866-656-0526