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    Club Car, LLC

    Utility, Transportation & Golf Vehicles

    By listening to the voice of our customers, Club Car consistently introduces vehicles renowned for durability, versatility and automotive performance. Key features include:

    • Rustproof corrosion-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum frames designed to resist impact better than steel frames. Competitive vehicles are made on steel frames that tend to rust.
    • Gasoline vehicles with best-in-class single-cylinder overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection and hemispherical heads.
    • IntelliTrak™ automatic all-wheel drive systems on 4x4 utility vehicles. The system senses the ground it’s on and shifts as needed.
    • Excel™ and IQ Plus™ electric drive systems that allow electric vehicles to perform tasks that once required the power of a gasoline engine.
    • Smart, global chargers on our electric vehicles that boost efficiency, reduce charging errors and can be programed for various types of batteries.
    • Self compensating rack-and-pinion steering.
    • Resilient ArmorFlex bodies with molded-in color that resists scratches. No painting required.
    • SportDrive™ steering and suspension system for more automotive performance.
    • IntelliTach™ fully hydraulic tool attachment system for 4x4 utility vehicles.
    • Regenerative braking that increases range and improves the safe operation of electric vehicles.
    • Single-point watering systems that simplify battery maintenance.

    We also offer: 

    • Fleet planning services by trained transportation experts.
    • The industry’s widest range of commercial/industrial accessories.
    • Strong warranty coverage backed by Club Car, a name you know and trust.
    • Lease or purchase options.
    • Maintenance by factory-trained technicians.
    • A nationwide dealer network with easy access to parts and service.

    Club Car Construction Vehicle

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