DuPont Personal Protection

From emergency response to law enforcement to industrial manufacturing, the people who work in these fields rely on DuPont TyvekDupont for their personal protection equipment (PPE) needs. As the world evolves to a global economy, more nations become industrialized leading to more prosperity. This usually results in a greater appreciation for worker safety and development of regulatory standards that dictate better PPE solutions. Dupont provides access to science-based solutions for a range of hazard risks. Materials ranging from Tyvek® to Tychem® to Nomex® to Kevlar®, developed over many years of research and development, are recognized around the work for their unique innovative protective properties.



Dupont Personal Protection is pleased to work with OMNIA Partners to highlight the entire DuPont portfolio and our value-added services. 

DuPont Tychem

Visit the Dupont Personal Protective Equipment website to learn more about how our brands like Tyvek® and Tychem® keep workers safe. 

DuPont is proud to work with Safeware as our authorized distributor aligned to the OMNIA Partners program. To purchase DuPont products please visit the Safeware Protective Equipment website.