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    DuPont Personal Protection

    SafeSPEC™ Chemical Protection Selection Tool

    SafeSPEC™ is your tool for finding the protection you need for any job. The DuPont™ SafeSPEC™ garment selection tool allows buyers to search for personal protective equipment by Industry or by Hazard. Users can also explore the Guide feature for more flexible inquiries and save Scenarios to keep a record of job hazards and protection solutions. 

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    The selection of appropriate PPE such as but not limited to: respiratory, eye, head, foot, and hand protection, is the responsibility of the end-user and must be made following a thorough hazard assessment of the work tasks and environment and consideration that the selected PPE meets all relevant government and industry standards. The information provided by DuPont is not intended as a substitute for any hazard assessment testing you need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of our products for your particular purposes. This information is offered for consideration and is not a recommendation.

    Visit www.safespec.dupont.com for more information.

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    Dupont™ Tyvek® Protective Apparel Recycling Program

    Dupont offers our free Tyvek® Protective Apparel Recycling Program to reduce overall waste to landfills, help meet corporate waste reduction goals, and extend the life of valuable materials into new applications. Customers using a laundered garment service may want to evaluate this cost-effective and responsible choice. 

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