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    Turnkey Roofing & Waterproofing Solutions

    How do I place an order with Garland/DBS, Inc.?
    To place your first order, please contact us to establish your Garland/DBS, Inc. account. For all subsequent orders, please contact your locally based representative.

    Alexis Turner
    Director of Contracts
    Garland Industries
    mobile: (214) 629 2056

    What exactly is covered under the Garland/DBS, Inc. commercial roofing contract for Roofing Supplies and Services, Waterproofing and Related Products and Services?
    Included in this contract are two options: (1) a direct material-only purchase option and (2) an integrated selection of roofing and waterproofing materials and services to meet the performance specification requirements of a full spectrum of exterior roofing and waterproofing projects including but not limited to:

    • Turnkey construction management with the option for a design-build delivery
    • Twelve-step process for identifying and resolving roof problems
    • Computerized roof asset management services
    • Coordination of engineering services
    • High-performance modified roofing and built-up systems
    • Architectural and structural standing seam metal roof, wall and rainscreen systems
    • Fluid-applied polyurea, urethane and acrylic coatings
    • Maintenance and restoration services and products
    • Exterior waterproofing, including air and vapor barriers, plaza deck waterproofing and wall coatings
    • Sustainable roofing solutions, such as vegetative and photovoltaic systems

    What if a product or service is not found in the catalog?
    According to the terms of the contract, Garland/DBS, Inc. will price all items not specifically listed in our catalog using RS Means stated cost with a standard mark-up percentage as provided in the bid form for the Master Agreement.

    Are there incentives for agencies to purchase turnkey, rather than materials only?
    Yes. Every agency will be offered the opportunity to further reduce its installed costs on a per-project basis by having Garland/DBS obtain competitive quotes for the labor and non-Garland materials from Garland/DBS locally based preauthorized contractors. Please see the Pricing section for a detailed explanation of this value-added service created to offer our best price on every project.

    Does Garland/DBS, Inc. manufacture the products it sells?
    The Company manufactures over 95% of the products sold on an annual basis, with all aspects of product development and quality control under the direct daily supervision of Garland employees.

    What is its primary sales/distribution method?
    The Garland distribution model uses over 220 direct representatives who live and work in your agencies’ communities to assist with the development of and management of exterior roofing and waterproofing projects. Each territory manager is a dedicated employee-owner of the Company, vested in the long-term success of the projects they manage.

    What kind of field support is available to participants?
    Garland/DBS, Inc. territory managers are direct representatives that manage exterior roofing and waterproofing projects. Each territory manager receives a minimum of 200 hours of industry-specific classroom and field training within their first year of employment and a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education every year thereafter. In addition, Garland has a professional technical staff that supports the field team of territory managers with support services including: code/insurance approvals, site evaluations, design assistance, coordination of engineering and architectural services, and construction management.

    What is the Garland/DBS, Inc. track record for performance?
    Over the past 10 years, Garland/DBS has completed over 6,000 projects of various sizes, complexities and scopes of work. During that period, there has been no litigation between Garland/DBS and an agency that contracted with us to perform a project under the OMNIA Partners, Public Sector (legacy U.S. Communities) program. All projects have been completed according to our contractual commitments and to the satisfaction of the agency. Additionally, over that same period, our aggregate change orders, as a percentage of the initial contract value, has been below one-half of one percent or 0.5%.

    How well can Garland/DBS, Inc. support our agencies’ sustainability requirements?
    Garland was among the first in the roofing industry to commit to green technologies, investing in vegetative roofing capabilities as far back as 1991. The Garland/DBS, Inc. commercial roofing contract offers a wide range of sustainable solutions under its Greenhouse umbrella, including ENERGY STAR® qualified, CRRC, LEED® point contributing, and otherwise independently assessed “green” materials that provide one or more ecologically responsible benefits. A complete list of green products can be found on the Greenhouse page of the Company’s website: https://www.garlandco.com/greenhouse 

    Does contracting with Garland/DBS through OMNIA Partners take money out of the local community?
    Contracting with Garland/DBS through OMNIA Partners keeps over 70% of the project dollars local to the community due to Garland’s collaborative project approach. We work with quality, local preauthorized contractors on every project. Along with that, Garland/DBS typically only supplies the key components of a roofing or waterproofing system. Therefore, in almost all circumstances, other manufacturers’ materials are specified in Garland/DBS projects for the exterior building accessories and thermal protection system. These materials, which often include fasteners, adhesives or parts of the moisture protection system, are purchased by the local roofing contractors through local roofing supply houses, keeping local dollars local.

    While products and services are purchased direct from Garland/DBS, there is no additional distributor or third party mark-ups added. In an industry where most manufacturers will only warranty the entire exterior roofing and waterproofing system when their own products are used throughout the system, Garland/DBS takes a unique approach. We understand that our key moisture protection materials create the waterproofing integrity of the systems, allowing us to focus our product development efforts in creating durable, high-performance materials that instill the confidence for Garland/DBS to warranty all types of compatible materials used in the roofing or waterproofing system.


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