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    Bringing sustainability and business objectives together to benefit people and our planet.

    Dell has a commitment to put their technology and expertise to work wherever we can to do the most good possible. This is most evident in the Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan - a strategic effort to create social and environmental good as part of our everyday business objectives. As Dell refines and improves products and processes, engages with communities and empowers customers, partners and suppliers in ways that create value that benefits us all.

    Corporate social responsibility is imbued in the Dell company culture, inspiring and guiding all that we do. The Dell 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, launched in 2013, is a way of measuring more than 20 separate company-wide objectives to highlight progress on our goals in key areas, such as packaging, energy efficiency, asset recovery, employee empowerment, community giving, and more.

    2020 Legacy of Good Plan

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