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    Storage that saves money

    Manage, store, and analyze structured and unstructured big data to boost government agency operations and public safety.

    Government organizations are inundated by data coming from sensors, videos, call logs, social media, mobile devices, and more. NetApp® solutions help you store, process, and analyze your big data and gain strategic insights.
    Our Data ONTAP® OS lets you connect data management environments from disparate silos into a cohesive, integrated whole: a data fabric. You can manage data at scale, for secure and effective big data storage, processing, and utilization. NetApp provides scalable solutions for extremely data-intensive operations.
    Unstructured storage. Use innovative NetApp storage solutions for your unstructured big data workloads with Hadoop or Splunk.
    Structured analytics. Leverage NetApp proven performance to gain real-time insights from your workload databases, enterprise applications, and structured data.
    Public safety and digital evidence. Manage and analyze the vast quantities of data from video surveillance, body-worn cameras, and in-car video used to ensure public safety. Build a cost-effective video evidence infrastructure that centralizes management, automates operations, enhances video evidence protection, and ensures continuous availability.

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    NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage solutions provide an easy way to maintain this data for extended periods of time with limited budgets. Learn More.

    Learn the best practices for developing, funding, procuring and deploying your next technology project with Insight Public Sector and NetApp using the OMNIA Partners contract. Watch the on-demand video.

    Insight's Flexpod Solution Streamlined the City of Avondale's IT Environment

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