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    NetApp data protection technologies help government agencies protect their data and prevent data loss in case of attack.

    As data security threats increase in number and sophistication, federal, state, and local government agencies must remain vigilant. At the same time, agencies rely on the exchange of data to operate. NetApp takes a comprehensive approach to data protection that helps balance the need for data access with the need to protect that data from attackers. NetApp data protection technologies and solutions help government agencies:

    • Keep data protected and trusted-but still accessible.
    • Know how their data is being used.
    • Minimize the risk that data will be lost in the event of an attack.
    • Identify and defeat advanced persistent threats.

    We help agencies and organizations maintain:

    • Confidentiality. We provide technologies for encryption and secure multi-tenancy.
    • Integrity. Our solutions help manage data integrity, including storage-based intrusion detection system (IDS) technology and rapid IAVA compliance.
    • Availability. NetApp solutions such as rapid cyber provisioning and disaster recovery help you recover fast from natural disasters or cyber attacks.

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