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    Feedback and Customer Services Solutions for Schools

    Let's Talk!

    Let’s Talk! — a customer experience platform designed by K12 Insight — helps districts deliver remarkable experiences that enhance engagement, retain teachers and staff, reverse declining enrollment, and prevent crises. The platform streamlines inbound communications and helps school leaders listen to community feedback and respond quickly to incoming dialogues. 


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    Let's Talk! Assistant

    We offer the first chatbot built specifically for K-12 school districts. Let’s Talk! Assistant helps school leaders provide always-on customer service, create internal efficiencies, and improve the customer experience. Our new Spanish feature helps school districts provide equitable customer service to Spanish-speaking families. 


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    Managed Research

    K12 Insight’s Managed Research team partners with districts to provide the expertise and tools needed to garner feedback and data that identifies gaps and opportunities impacting school climate and culture. Our team of expert researchers help school administrators measure engagement, equity, safety, learning and academic program effectiveness, social-emotional learning, and more. We support school leaders every step of the way — from project planning and survey promotion to reporting and analysis — and provide access to benchmarking data that helps schools compare and analyze their school climate and engagement in context of similar districts. 

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    Engage — a cloud-based survey platform built for K-12 school districts — enables you to easily create impactful surveys, gather community input, and drive meaningful change. Your district can use Engage to build, administer, and analyze community surveys to build trust, encourage collaborative decision-making, and improve school climate.


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    Professional Development

    Our professional development services feature expert-led, interactive virtual and in-person customer service workshops that empower teachers and staff to improve essential soft skills needed to provide an exceptional customer experience.


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