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    FORXAI Secure Access enables automated, secure point-of-entry workflows that combine facial identification with mask detection, thermal temperature screening and tailgating. These workflows utilize an artificial intelligence (AI) rules-based engine designed for various types of organizations including:

    • K-12 schools
    • Universities

    Developed by Konica Minolta’s North American Business Innovation Center with support from Konica Minolta Labs U.S., FORXAI Secure Access leverages the intelligent edge capabilities of the company’s MOBOTIX security cameras, internally developed AI algorithms, innovative facial recognition technology and system integration solutions. This convergence of technologies offers clients a comprehensive, flexible solution that guards against unauthorized access, automates the access process for authorized staff, residents, constituents and visitors, and provides additional capabilities related to virus prevention and reporting.

    Smart governments and schools need smart security solutions to protect their assets, staff and operations, and to guard against potential threats and liabiliites. With intelligent internet-protocol (IP) design, Konica Minolta customizes our MOBOTIX video security systems to proactively address your monitoring and security needs – indoor, outdoor, in low-light, in challenging weather conditions, or with thermal imaging  – to ensure you have visibility to all activity around your buildings and their perimeters. Our smart systems and intelligent video streaming capabilities allow for maximum coverage and maximum security. 

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    Konica Minolta Workplace Safety & Elevated Body Temps


    When the U.S. Federal Government creates legislation that impacts the video security market it is important to provide an overview so you (1) know about the legislation, (2) understand how it affects your organization and (3) how Konica Minolta can help with our complete line of NDAA-compliant MOBOTIX cameras.



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