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    Exterior Surfacing and Paving Solutions

    Customer Experiences

    LithTec™ Customer Testimonials

    In this video, hear how road professionals describe their LithTec™ Road Solution experience with Lithified Technologies. 

    Inspection of Roads Evaluated After 4 Years

    Watch this video to discover how LithTec™ Roads installed in 2018 are still in great condition 4 years later and held up in freezing weather conditions. 

    What happens to LithTec™ treated base material vs. the same untreated base material?

    Imagine if all road base foundations were strong enough to ward off how water adversely affects roads. Watch this video to learn what happens to untreated base material and the effects it can have. 

    Case Studies

    California Road Construction Company Reaps Benefits of LithTec™

    LithTec™ is an eco-friendly trade secret technology that accelerates the lithification process from years to turning soil to stone in 24-72 hours. See how this California road construction company reaped the benefits of utilizing LithTec™ on their roads.

    San Juan County Case Study Video

    Check out this case study to learn how San Juan County in Utah saved $1 million per mile with LithTec™.

    Cost Effective Road Construction is Here

    Discover how road construction can be a cost effective solution for your agency in this video. Click to watch.