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    Traditional road designs have a cap on the structural credits that can be derived from the base course layer, which typically will have 25,000 psi modulus, as measured by resilient modulus. Depending on the amount of traffic and the wait loads anticipated on that road will determine the thickness of the asphalt where the balance of the structural credits are in the road design. The asphalt layer is the most expensive component road construction, and those costs have gone up dramatically since 2020 with the increased cost of oil and gas. 

    A LithTec™ treated base can achieve the same strength as asphalt for $.20 on the dollar, saving 80% in achieving the required strength. In addition, the asphalt thickness can be reduced to 2 inches, achieving additional savings.  

    LithTec™ can be installed at three different scenarios involving road construction or reconstruction. The first opportunity occurs in new construction, when the treated base course achieves 500,000 psi modulus rather than 25,000 psi modulus which is found in high-quality base course.  Building a road with this kind of loadbearing capacity and resistance to water from the beginning will result in a long lasting road with minimum future maintenance.  All roads require maintenance however if it can be contained to the surface layer and you never have to rebuild the road’s foundation, (which is the most expensive form of reconstruction), this is referred to as a “Perpetual Road” which is the goal of all DOTs these days.