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    Pocket Nurse

    Healthcare/Science Suppliers for Instruction and Demonstration and Related Services



    Pocket Nurse® is ready to offer and serve OMNIA Partners,Public Sector participants with high quality educational supplies for healthcare simulation environments. Pocket Nurse® offers more than 6,500 products.

    Why purchase from Pocket Nurse® through OMNIA Partners?

    1. Contract purchasing completes the bid process for you
    2. Contract pricing on all products
    3. Expedited shipping options
    4. 24/7 online ordering
    5. Knowledgeable customer service

    Pocket Nurse® offers an extensive selection of simulation products for your health education programs.  In addition, we offer solutions and technical expertise you can rely on to support your supply chain and cost savings initiatives. Work with your Pocket Nurse ® sales team to take full advantage of your OMNIA Partners participation.


    In order to select the Pocket Nurse® Contract, complete the following steps:

    1. Register for a Pocket Nurse® Account. (If you already have a Pocket Nurse® Account, go to step #2.)
    2. Join OMNIA Partners by completing the registration process at omniapartners.com/publicsector


    Take advantage of these Pocket Nurse® services to help reduce costs, minimize vendors and improve efficiencies:

    1. Most experienced industry supplier
    2. Fast shipping
    3. One-stop purchasing
    4. Consistent and competitive pricing
    5. Knowledgeable staff
    6. 24/7 ordering on Pocket Nurse® . com
    7. No bidding- use your agreement for your simlab supplies
    8. Easy returns


    Pocket Nurse ® offers free shipping on all parcel-type items which are delivered via standard UPS ground with 1st floor delivery.

    All 3rd party freight deliveries (L.T.L.) will have freight calculated at time of order entry and will be based upon the quantity, weight and distance to ship the product(s).