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    IT Security Tools - Data Detection


    Maintaining compliance with CMMC requires using the right set of tools that are able to locate CUI or export-controlled data, as well as other sensitive data like Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Automated tools reduce the overall time spent locating documents with common categories or markings that may be in scope of the CMMC.

    Spirion offers solutions that:

    • identify both PII and CUI across structured and unstructured data by searching text and images
    • accurately discover common PII sensitive data types
    • create custom sensitive data types to search for phrases, words, and acronyms that are indicative of CUI
    • enable regular CUI risk assessments with its automatic data discovery capabilities and dynamic dashboards
    • automatically and persistently classify data and imbed labels into documents and files

    DoD contractors can prevent unauthorized/unintended transfers and publication of CUI with the help of a strong solution like Spirion and ensure that their department is CMMC compliant.

    To learn more about how SLED agencies are combining MIP/AIP with Spirion’s expansive platform to provide end-to-end data governance, read our white paper, The Ultimate Combination for Enabling End-to-End Data Security and Privacy.

    Data Classification
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