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    UNICOM Government, Inc.

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    Protecting IT at Every Level

    Few aspects of an IT’s life are as critical as security. Cyberattacks can strike at any moment, testing the surety of seemingly strong defenses and potentially crippling an agency’s ability to pursue its mission with confidence.

    UNICOM Government provides governments at every level with the resources and services necessary to protect networks, data, users, applications, and endpoints.  From micro-segment application access to unifying user identity management and single sign-on [SSO and SIM], encryption, replicating and recovering data to managing mobile apps and devices, UNICOM Government delivers.

    Detecting Threats

    Potential security threats, exposures and attacks lurk everywhere, seeking deep disruptions in IT that can temporarily debilitate the ability to continue operating with no break in service.  With malware, DDoS and access controls; data Loss Prevention (DLP); and security information events, UNICOM Government provides the resources and expertise required to thwart threats.

    Responding to attacks is essential; remediating deficiencies bolsters defenses. Loss mitigation and correction action; holistic SIEM analytics response; and SOC management provide proven means of aggressively responding to attacks – and remediating weaknesses.

    In addition, UNICOM Government’s cyber experts hold hundreds of industry recognized certifications.  Moreover, the company is a Cisco Gold Partner and pursues solutions with a variety of IT leaders, including Dell, RSA, Gigamon, Symantec, McAfee and F5.

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