Trendway Helps Create a Flexible Design to Fully Renovate a Cal State University Building

Mar 20, 2020   |  

The Challenge

Create a fresh and flexible design for a fully renovated 4 story, 46,000 square ft. space to give the client flexibility to adapt to evolving faculty, staff and business needs.

The Solution

Capture Systems, Choices Desking, and Pack Storage were used to create a standards program with great flexibility and superior quality designed for years of heavy use. A range of modular typicals were developed to address unique work styles and a diverse need-set within the university community. The OMNIA Partners Agreement was used due to its compliance with publicly bid and awarded procurement requirements.

Three years ago, Meg and Dave Crider, owners of Crider Contract Interiors (CCI) earned the opportunity to design the interior finish and furniture package for a newly acquired building at Cal State University in Fullerton CA. The Crider team had been referred to the University due to their reputation for creativity and responsiveness. They impressed the client with their willingness to present multiple design concepts and color palettes to the division leadership team. The final building design clearly reflected the needs and person-al style of the client team. As a boutique dealership, Crider Contract Interiors is known for their comprehensive approach and creative interior solutions.

The success from the first project opened the door for the next big project nearby on campus which would house two university divisions; Extension & International Programs and two departments from Student Affairs.

This project involved the complete renovation of a 4-story, 46,000 square foot office building. The building required significant seismic, fire, ADA and structural upgrades. After interviewing several vendors, CCI was hired to work with the tenants and building owners to develop the complete interior finish package. The product specifications utilized the Trendway specials team to adjust product dimensions in order to maximize available real estate.

Cal State

Fullerton, CA

Crider Contract Interiors in Fullerton, California

Meg Crider

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Cal State

We appreciated Trendway's willingness to work with us on specials to meet the custom needs of this project.

– Meg Crider | Crider Contract Interiors
Cal State

Due to the high degree of flexibility inherent in the Trendway product lines, the client chose to standardize on Trendway’s Capture, Choices and Pack as a fully integrated solution. The high quality and flexibility of these products was very Important to this client. The Extension and International Programs division has undergone significant change during the recent bans and restrictions for international student visas. Those significant changes to the business structure put the flexibility of Trendway’s furniture selections to the test as multiple design revisions were required to keep up with the changing organization. The Trendway product lines met the challenge with ease.

For the Choices desking, the team created 4 typical office standards with a modular kit- of-parts allowing the client to quickly adapt to staff changes and needs. CSUF also wanted to embrace school pride as the entire building is used to represent CSUF to incoming students from around the globe. They took full advantage of the extensive laminate and panel fabric options available from Trendway to create a powerful impact through color and texture throughout the building. Capture’s design flexibility was fully utilized with a beautiful blend of fabric, glass, laminate, and marker boards.

Cal State

Many unusual conditions in the building created the need for creative use of specials throughout. “We appreciated Trendway’s willingness to work with us on specials to meet the custom needs of this project” explained Meg Crider. “That’s one of the huge advantages of working with Trendway”. The client team worked closely with Meg selecting all of the building finishes including flooring, paint, casework, and furniture. “It has been a pleasure seeing the client faces light up as they saw their vision come to realization."

Since this was a public sector project, the team led with Trendway’s OMNIA Partners Agreement. This allowed the client access to a broad range of contract-approved products with extremely favorable pricing.

At the end of the day the project turned out amazing. The team from Cal State University, Fullerton is excited to be moving into their brand-new offices customized perfectly for their needs today and in the years to come.

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