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Emergent is an award-winning solutions provider. We specialize in solving complex challenges with tailored IT solutions and contracting options — enabling operations in all levels of federal and state and local government  and higher education through OMNIA Partners. . Born in the government space, we are designed – from the ground up – to service the public sector. Founded in 2006, Emergent provides comprehensive IT Solutions including solution architecture, acquisition, consulting, training, and managed services. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, Emergent provides an experienced team to design solutions that promote productivity and increase efficiency in even the most complex IT environments. OEMS We Partner With: Red Hat, Adobe, GitLab, Samsara

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Emergent offers products and services from almost 1200 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Hardware Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and Software Publishers (collectively referred to as Manufacturers) to Participating Public Agencies under this Master Agreement available through OMNIA Partners. Emergent also provides connected operations services for school safety and end-to-end visibility for government, public works, and more available through Samsara.

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Emergent's Solutions for Public Sector

Understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by public sector organizations such as federal, state & local governments and primary and higher education entities, Emergent works closely with these organizations to deliver tailored solutions. By providing access to cutting-edge hardware and software, reliable cloud services, and seamless support, Emergent equips public sector organizations with the necessary technology to enhance efficiency, improve service delivery, and better meet the needs of their constituents. Through our expertise and dedication in optimizing procurement processes, Emergent ensures that public sector entities can acquire the right solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, enabling them to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Emergent provides comprehensive technology solutions to state and local government agencies, offering access to hardware, software, cloud services, support, and additional product-enabling services while streamlining and optimizing procurement processes to ensure effective service to constituents.

By offering a wide range of technology solutions, from software to cloud services and support, Emergent ensures that colleges and universities have the necessary tools to enhance their teaching, research, and administrative functions.

Consulting Offerings

Emergent offers a range of Consulting as a Service offerings to governments, agencies and businesses seeking to enhance their operations and reach their strategic goals. With their expertise in technology solutions and a customer-centric approach, Emergent enables organizations to leverage cutting-edge tools and optimize their processes with consulting services that ensure technology utilization and enhancement.

How Fleet Management Tools Keep School Busses Safe and Efficient

Emergent's collaboration with Samsara provided a Virginia private school with a robust solution for their fleet-management needs. By implementing Samsara's cloud-based platform, the school was able to streamline operations, optimize bus schedules, and effectively manage their entire bus fleet, ultimately enhancing the safety and efficiency of transportation for their students.

How Automation Can Help Defend Against Mounting Cyber Threats

Recognizing the critical need for efficient processes, timely updates, and enhanced security measures, Emergent and Red Hat offer comprehensive automation solutions to government customers. By leveraging Red Hat's open-source technology and Emergent's expertise in delivering cutting-edge solutions, government entities can optimize their operations, improve productivity, and effectively mitigate cyber threats. Through this partnership, Emergent and Red Hat empower government customers to embrace automation, ensuring they remain protected and adaptable in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


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