ENGIE Services US Inc

ENGIE North America Inc. offers a range of capabilities in the United States and Canada to help customers decarbonize, decentralize and digitalize their operations.

Drawing on nearly 50 years of operational experience in the public sector, ENGIE North America designs and builds energy programs that meet these expectations.

Serving a broad range of public sector organizations, ENGIE incorporates advanced, proven technology into turnkey, performance-guaranteed solutions and services. Customers across the public domain testify to the collaborative nature of their projects with ENGIE, which have resulted in improvements in efficiency, resiliency, sustainability, and community leadership.

Globally, ENGIE is the largest independent power producer and energy efficiency services provider in the world, employing 160,000 people in 70 countries. For more information on ENGIE North America, please visit our website.

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ENGIE North America designs and builds energy programs with guaranteed results. The projects pay for themselves through savings. The measures that we employ might include energy efficiency, solar, energy storage, infrastructure upgrades, smart lighting, and microgrid. The results are net zero, resiliency, greenhouse gas reduction, and cost reductions. Uniquely, ENGIE leverages these energy programs as tools to engage students and community.



ENGIE North America works with municipalities, school districts, and universities to implement turnkey, guaranteed sustainable facilities and infrastructure modernization programs. ENGIE has a strong record of delivering safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions that meet customer needs over the long term and contribute to a carbon-neutral economy. Working with ENGIE, organizations can modernize their facilities, generate breakthrough efficiencies, and realize their smart strategic initiatives spanning the planning, implementation, and management of public infrastructure initiatives.