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Evident Life Science empowers scientists and researchers through collaboration and cutting-edge life science microscopy solutions. Dedicated to meeting the challenges and supporting the evolving needs of its customers, Evident Life Science advances a comprehensive range of clinical research, educational, and premium microscopes and microscope systems. With more than a thousand of our products on contract, OMNIA Partners can easily purchase these products with preferred pricing and dedicated customer service.

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Evident offers microscopes and related services through the cooperative contract with OMNIA Partners. Public Sector agencies can save time and money by utilizing this contract with Evident and OMNIA Partners.

Evident & OMNIA Partners

Olympus Scientific Solutions is now Evident, but our commitment to creating advanced life science and industrial solutions that help make the world safer and healthier is unchanged.

Clinical Microscopy

For pathology and cytology, Evident's microscopes provide outstanding optical performance for the lab.  

  • Solutions for pathological research applications supported by specialized microscopes, cameras, and imaging software 

  • Ergonomic design and leading-edge optics for convenient routine daily use 

  • Optical systems exclusively developed for ICSI enables clear visualization of the spindle in a metaphase II oocyte 

Evident Scientific
Evident Scientific

Life Science Research

Evident provides a variety of microscopes built with the proven optical and application expertise your research depends on. 

  • Confocal microscopes capture fine morphological changes of neurons and tissues with super resolution and clear three-dimensional images 

  • Capture high-speed responses of membrane potential and calcium sensitive dyes 

  • Reliable live cell imaging solutions featuring silicone oil objectives optimized to the refractive index of live cells 


Our microscopes offer versatile solutions for every classroom. Designed to exceed teaching and training requirements, our educational microscopes: 

  • Are easy to operate, maintain, carry, and store 

  • Are built with durability to endure tough use, high optical performance that provides clear images, and high image flatness over a wide field of view 

  • Support discussions and lectures using a monitor or projector with our line of digital color cameras 

Microscope Data Management

Cell Culture Workflow

We offer equipment to support processes through a range of cell culture analysis stages, including cell culture microscopes and cell monitoring equipment and software. 

  • Automated cell culture monitoring systems with software for fast and accurate data collection and analysis 

  • Ergonomic cell culture analysis microscope solution with inversion contrast (IVC) techniques for 3D viewing 

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