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Exmark is the leading manufacturer of commercial mowers for landscape maintenance professionals. In addition to designing, building, and marketing quality turf care equipment, Exmark's goal is total customer satisfaction.

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Exmark provides tractors, mowers, and other equipment, parts, and services, available through a cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners. 

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Exmark was incorporated in May 1982 as an independent manufacturer of professional turf care equipment. Today, Exmark is the leading manufacturer of commercial mowers for landscape maintenance professionals. Its Z Turf Equipment brand offers industry-leading lawn care equipment, including spreader-sprayers, aerators and more. In addition to designing, building, and marketing quality turf care equipment, Exmark's goal is total customer satisfaction.

All Exmark and Z Turf Equipment products are designed to help customers increase productivity while delivering unmatched value. The combination of innovative designs, domestic manufacturing and unmatched customer support enables landscape professionals to operate more efficiently and profitably. All Exmark and Z Turf Equipment products are sold through distributors and dealers who share the company's commitment to customer service and quality products. Learn more at Exmark.com.


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Z Turf

Z Turf Equipment – Productivity & Versatility

At Z Turf Equipment, we’re focused on helping the green industry do more work, more quickly, with unmatched results. Our pursuit of innovation doesn’t forsake the brilliant simplicity of our designs. It only makes them better, more productive and more in-tune with the demands of the job.



Stainless Steel Chassis

When it comes to lawn care equipment, spreader sprayers live an especially tough life. That’s why we fabricate each Z Turf Equipment spreader sprayer frame out of high strength stainless steel, right here in the United States. Compared to other materials, stainless steel is more resistant to the corrosive effect of lawn care fertilizers and chemicals, so our machines hold up over time.

Patented Locking Caster System

Designed to increase stability on hillsides without compromising maneuverability, our exclusive patented locking caster system is a standard feature on zero-turn Z-Spray and Z-Aerate machines. Simply press the foot-activated lever to lock the front caster wheels in place, then press again to unlock full ZTR performance.

Lean to Steer Technology

The new Z-Spray LTS stand-on spreader sprayer features our innovative lean-to-steer technology, which gives the operator one-handed control of machine speed and direction. This leaves the other hand free to make spread or spray system adjustments or perform spot spraying with the easy-access spray wand. The intuitive controls are easy to learn and easy to operate, enabling you to stay focused on the job at hand.

Independent Tine Reels

With an innovative design featuring independent aeration tine reels, Z Turf Equipment aerators are capable of turning up to 20 degrees with the tines engaged in the ground. This enables lawn care pros to maneuver around sprinkler heads and landscaping borders while aerating, significantly increasing productivity, while also maximizing results.

Multi-Function Versatility

The long wheelbase design of our Z-Aerate 40 aerator gives it a hidden superpower – the ability to multitask, performing multiple jobs with each pass of the machine. With attachments including a slicer seeder, dethatching rake and spray system, the multi-function versatility of the Z-Aerate 40 is capable of bringing in more revenue for the same amount of work, with results that are second to none.

The Exmark Advantage

Credible Science Produces Incredible Comfort

No other turf care manufacturer has worked harder to become an expert in the science of operator comfort. Today's Exmark products are far more comfortable to use, translating into more profitability for landscape professionals and a more pleasurable mowing experience for homeowners. Cut after cut. Year after year. Ensuring that you have the energy and time to engage in your passions when the work is complete.

Leading-Edge Technology Delivers Leading-Edge Performance

Exmark continues to lead the industry with unparalleled innovations designed to increase engine life and boost overall productivity. Our advanced RED Onboard Intelligence Platform powers unprecedented communication among key systems on our mowers, resulting in superior reliability, durability and efficiency.

Increasing Fuel Efficiency While Decreasing Environmental Impact

Everyone wants reduced fuel costs without sacrificing mower performance. Thanks to breakthroughs like our ultra-efficient EFI engines that are designed to boost fuel economy significantly when compared to conventional carbureted engines, landscapers and homeowners who use Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mowers with our exclusive RED Technology realize better fuel-efficiency.

Game-Changing Thinking Drives Game-Changing New Products

Year after year, Exmark continues to bring an ever-expanding range of turf care products to market. From zero-turn mowers to our line of Z Turf Equipment sprayers and aerators, our products provide the industry leading innovation, comfort, durability, and service support that can only be found in an Exmark. The fruits of our labors are products that enable our customers to be more productive and enjoy worry-free use with years of unbelievable results.

Service and Support

While the Exmark Service Team spends over three months each year personally training our dealers and end-users on how to care for and repair Exmark equipment, we also utilize our 175 years of combined experience to assist from right here at the factory via phone, email or social media every weekday. We understand the importance of keeping your equipment up and running. We want you to know that we are here to do everything we can to make that happen.

Our two-step distribution model adds another layer of support and service for our customers. With 6 regional distribution centers and over 1500 selling and servicing dealers nationwide, we provide a high level of support after the sale.

Additional services can include:

  • Product demonstrations to qualify product application
  • Set-up and basic operational training; delivery available at dealer’s discretion
  • Installation of any Exmark accessories purchased with a machine
  • Product safety training
  • Preventative maintenance training
  • Hydro Drive Life Extension Program for Lazer Z and Radius X-Series that provides extended hydro drive system warranty coverage after regular hydraulic service intervals met.
  • Industry-leading warranty policies on all machines
  • OEM parts purchasing online or in-store

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