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HCTC has been around since 1951 serving the growing communications needs of the Texas Hill Country. Decades later, we’ve grown and adapted, yet we remain rooted in the communities where we live and work. We have a strong reputation as being the most reliable Internet provider in rural, central Texas, and we’re committed to providing excellent service, solid solutions and cutting-edge technology through the OMNIA Partners program today.

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HCTC continues to invest in technology infrastructure that allows OMNIA Partners agencies to compete in local and global economies, provides educational opportunities, and supports health care to rural Texans through telemedicine.

Whether it’s broadband or fiber-optic internet that’s needed – or a simple landline – HCTC is keeping rural Texans connected.

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TEA Connect TX Program

OMNIA Partners and Region 4 ESC partner with TEA Connect Texas to provide home-based broadband internet to TX students

Operation Connectivity was formed in May of 2020 as a joint effort between Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Legislature, the Texas Education Agency (TEA), DISD and ESC Region 4 to connect Texas's 5.5 million public school students with an e-learning device and reliable internet connection sufficient for learning.

What is TEA Connect Texas?

TEACT is a statewide, TEA-led initiative to support LEAs that seek to provide home-based broadband internet access to their students. 

  • TEACT facilitates the acquisition of fixed lines through bulk purchase at the State level, taking advantage of discounted rates which Region 4 is negotiating on behalf of Texas school systems

  • TEACT facilitates the fixed line installation process for LEAs by working as a liaison between the LEAs, the ISPs and eligible families to ensure successful and expedited access to service

  • TEACT provides a robust implementation and customer support team for LEAs who want to participate in a home-based broadband roll-out program in their district but who may not have the available personnel or resources to administer such a program themselves

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